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Seeing Gender: Orthodox Liturgy, Orthodox Personhood

Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics
Fall/Winter 2013

The Iconicity of Priesthood: Male Bodies or Embodied Virtue?

Studies in Christian Ethics
August 2013

Toward the endless day: the life of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel

Anglican Theological Review
Fall 2010

Embodied Virtue: Male and Female Priests

Women in the Orthodox Church: past roles future paradigms: papers of the Sophia Institute Academic Conference, New York, Dec 4th 2008
New York: Theotokos Press, 2009

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The Gospel According to Kaepernick


A Sermon given on Sunday, the 16th week of Pentecost, 2016

Desires that God Honors


A Sermon given on Sunday, the 7th week of Pentecost, 2016

Who are We, Sinners or Lovers?


A Sermon given on Sunday, the 4th week of Pentecost, 2016

Toward Good News


A Sermon given on 08 May, 2016

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